Peace of Continuum

Peace of Continuum


This "Peace" is based on a segment of the larger Continuum mandala.


Nothing exists in solitude.


We are constantly being influenced by the thoughts and actions of others.  This mandala highlights the beauty of those interactions.


Distinct edges and boundaries meld together to create this stunning design. Each piece is unique and beautiful but cannot exist on its own. It is part of a larger plan.


There are no islands.

This item is finished with a composite wood frame which has a textured antique gold finish and rope accent. It is meant to be displayed on a decorative plate stand, either in a window, or on a shelf with a halogen spot-light behind it. It may also be fitted with a piece of decorative chain to hang in a window if requested.


Actual size is 12” inches (approx 30.5 cm.) square.


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