Santorini 2

Santorini 2
Santorini 2Santorini 2 Frame


The energy of Santorini is hard to describe.  Life and death exist in a delicate harmony, and nowhere on earth is this epic struggle more apparent.


The evidence of a violent past is all around you, it scars the landscape.  And yet, bathed in the ever-present sunlight, wind and life-giving sea, Santorini is reborn.  Life precariously clings to the cliffs in a dramatic show of defiance as the volcano that once destroyed this place, slowly rebuilds. 


Creation and destruction: the rhythms of the universe.

This item is finished with a solid pine frame that has been stained a rich brown colour, it includes approx. 30" of black decorative chain to allow hanging in a window.


Actual size is 17.5 inches (approx 44.5 cm.) in diameter.


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