What began as a dream of one, was shared with five.  
The result was  "Confluence".


It is a connection; a merging of  thoughts and ideas, a melding of a multitude of strands, into one.  And sometimes, it is a metaphor for a collaboration of a group of glass artists combining their creative energies and unique styles to create one work of art, that otherwise would not have been possible. 

Confluence Write-up

This item is finished with a heavy duty, black powder-coated frame.  It has attachments for hanging as well as detachable feet that allow it to be displayed freestanding.


 Dimensions are: 24 1/4"w x 73 1/4"h x 1"d  without feet attached.
  overall height is 77 1/4" and depth is 32" with feet attached.
  individual discs are between 14-15 1/4" in diameter and can be removed for cleaning and transport.


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