For those of you that are visiting for the first time, we hope you enjoy the site.  For the rest of you, welcome back and thank you for your patience!! 

Things may look the same but they have been rebuilt from the ground up.  We will gradually be adding content back to the site as time permits, but unfortunately some of it will be gone forever.  We do look forward to adding new and exciting content in the future and hope that you pop by every so often to see what has changed.


We have reluctantly changed The Gallery to a format that should be a bit more intuitive and it loads much faster now.  Even though the old one was prettier, it was just getting too slow with the number of photos we had.  Although it looks similar, The Store is completely new, and should be a little bit more intuitive this time around.  We've also added a bit of extra security to prevent us from getting all that spam.  winky

Please let us know if you run into any troubles with the website and we will be sure to check into things.  


If you have any questions, or concerns, John can be contacted here:

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