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We are John Highley and Scott Culp, two artists who have worked together for 22 years on various creative endeavours.  Currently John is focussing his attention on creating Mosaic Glass Mandalas, and together we are producing a variety of unique and original stained-glass designs.

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“Colour, light and energy; these are the keys to a secret place of serenity for me; a place I found through making my glass mosaic mandalas. I have always been fascinated with, and recently re-discovered such beauty in geometry.

While I have been doing stained glass for many years, these two worlds recently came together in my glass mosaic creations. Lately I've been focussing on circular geometry: in nature, architecture or anywhere else I can find it.

My glass mosaic mandalas (an Ancient Sanskrit word for "circle")  each have their own unique energy.  The pieces consist of shapes, lines and spaces, filled with intense swirls of colour, rendered in tiny pieces of glass. Creating mandalas is a method of transforming an inner personal state, to an outer reality that others can experience and make their own.

Whether as a piece of art, a starting point for meditation, or a focal point for your thoughts, I hope they find you in a place of peace.”



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