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$880.00 CAD each

Roots Plaquard



When we think for a while and reflect back on the different stages, or times in life - we can almost feel or sense the "roots" and branches that we grew and nourished during that time.


Sometimes there are no more roots where there once were many and other times its because there were never any there.

Some of us balance our time and energy easily but most of us are focused on the moment and nourish our relationships, thoughts and beliefs at that particular time.


As we move through the different phases of our lives or chakras, we grow more roots and branches where we focus our energy. Hopefully, when you find yourself in a quiet moment, and reflect back on the roots you've made at different times in life, whether they are still there, or just a lingering memory, may they still give some positive structure to who you are today.


Actual size is 15.5 inches (approx 39.5 cm.) in diameter.


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