Mosaic Ornaments 2021

Ornaments 2021
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“There’s no reason not to smile when a ladybug flies your way.
Or better, when she lands on you.
Tell her your special hopes and wishes.
Then she’ll be on her way to make them all come true.”

Perhaps you’ve been thinking about your future or your next move and wondering if you’re following the right path to your freedom and success. In a moment of quiet contemplation, the ladybug arrives to let you know there’s no need to worry and no need to rush. Just let things unfold naturally.

The ladybug symbolizes luck, trust, adaptability, abundance, fulfilled wishes, and even past lives. Does what you’re experiencing now have a familiar past-life feeling? Are you experiencing blocks to your abundance? Do you trust the guidance of Spirit to lead you in the direction of success?

A ladybug sighting reminds you to remain calm in your quest for your true path. It’s also there to let you know that whatever you’re doing at the moment or whatever you have in mind for the future is the proper path for you. The path to true enlightenment is never short—sometimes it’s never-ending, but if you stick with what you inherently know to be your truth and exhibit patience and determination, you really can’t go wrong.


This item can be hung from the included chain or click below to add a decorative stand.

Ornament Stand


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